Tortoise SVN (TSVN) menus missing from explorer

Came across a small issue in TSVN when doing a fresh install on a laptop I just restored to factory defaults.

The Issue:
When I right clicked, the usual subversion options no longer appeared where they would in the context menu.

The solution was to go into Start | All Programs | Tortoise SVN | Settings
Select “Icon Overlays”
Then I toggled the first checkbox “Show overlays and context menu in explorer only” off, then applied, then toggled it back on again and applied the change.

This process “fixed” whatever was missing from windows that caused the SVN commands from showing up where they ought to. Once it is fixed, it seems to remain fixed no matter if you leave the aforementioned option on or off (I like it on, seems to aid with performance.)

Some thoughts and observations:
As to what caused the problem, the only thing I did differently this time from any other installation was that when I installed TSVN, rather than let it reboot when prompted to, I entered the settings page and set everything to the way I like it and then reboot my machine. Maybe it is best to allow it that reboot before you screw with any settings. (duh?) *shrugs*

But for any of you who may be having an issue with subversion options missing from explorer, give this fix a try.


In the comments of my old blog there were some people that said with newer versions this hasn’t been working for them.  Some claimed success with doing a repair installation of tsvn.

Let me know what works for you.