Windows 7 won’t boot after Catalyst Uninstall

Tonight I had a terrible annoyance while upgrading to the latest Catalyst Drivers.  Now, for the most part this whole AMD / ATI thing has been very good for me.  As a fan of both companies for many years the tighter integration of their product lines has yielded a number of products I’ve bought in recent years.

The Problem

After uninstalling the old catalyst driver from my machine (which I did using all the default settings)  I rebooted my machine before installing the new ones and windows 7 would not boot.


It turns out that the RAID driver for the motherboard chipset is in the catalyst suite now.  I had to download the driver from my Motherboard MFG and then put that on a USB drive.  When the recovery console came up I click “Load Drivers” at the bottom and this allowed me to select the first option and and run the startup repair.

Other Thoughts

Really AMD?!?!?  The catalyst driver set should be the video driver.  At the very least if the whole thing is going to be so integrated it should be made smart enough to warn you that the driver that lets you access your OS is being removed.  In the end I don’t think RAID drivers and graphics drivers have no business being part of the same install or uninstall.