HTML 5 Table Games

If you asked me what I’ve been up to for the past four years, these games were pretty much it.  First, engineering the core framework, then training a team and building the games and finally, supporting and integrating with our partners.

The games themselves were designed to be compatible all the way back to IE7 as the US was not the assumed target market.  Even today, online gambling regulation in the US is a muddy topic.  Since IE7 is a pre-canvas browser, most of the HTML 5 features, such as audio, offline, and local storage, are implemented via progressive enhancement.

Effects such as thew 3D card flip and the table zoom effect have simpler variations that are only seen when using an older browser that can’t display the transforms.

Live Demo

The following is a live demo of the games I worked on at Bally. They are from a codebase that we used as a demo for conventions during my last year with the company. It may still have bugs and features that we were not showing at the convention like the hand history feature may not be activated.

This demo resides on development server and may not always be available. If you are a hiring manager or a recruiter that would like to see this demo please contact me if it is not currently live.


Ultimate Texas Holdem | Three Card Poker | Casino War | Baccarat | Blackjack | Four Card Poker | Let It Ride | Mississippi Stud | Paigow Poker | Raise It Up Stud Poker | Six Card Poker | Straight Edge Poker | Ultimate Three Card Poker

One of the major achievements of the game client was just how quickly we were able to build new games. It was even used as a platform for developing new intellectual property and working out the kinks.

Video Demos

The following are some videos that illustrate the gameplay of the above live demos.

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