Stuck Uploads in SugarSync

In short you can “reset” SugarSync using:
Choose to maintain your synced folders when you start back up. (it’s the default option)

I ended up with an issue in SugarSync where after rapidly creating and deleting/renaming directories in Windows, SugarSync got confused and thought that the hidden file Folder.jpg needed to be uploaded when in fact the file no longer existed.

So what do we do when SugarSync get’s it’s upload queue messed up.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to reset the queue?  Well it isn’t documented but after spending 3 days to get a customer service reply I learned that ctrl-shift-R will perform the reset.

It is essentially like uninstalling and reinstalling SS from what I can tell and you should leave the box checked to maintain your synced folders when you restart the SugarSync Manager.

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  1. On the Mac, it works pretty much the same as described here: command shift R, then answer that you do want to reset, it’ll quit, then you start the Sugar Sync app again, and choose to maintain your synced folders.

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